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  • Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to get involved with the experience of being outdoors and do any of the activities we propose during the fest. Your entrance fee is any $ contribution to CBRAC

  • Can I come if I am not a climber?

Yes, you are welcome to come and join us in any activities, to do the activities or just to come and hang out. 

  • Can I try climbing or diving if I have never done it before?

Yes, you can absolutely do that. For that, you need to contact the companies who provide that service.

  • Can I come with my kids?

Yes, you can come with your kids, with your pets with your grandma, grandpa and neighbours if they want to join you.

  • What can I do if I am not a climber?

You can do a climbing tour with Rock Iguana or you can dive, chill at the beach, bike or do our yoga classes.

  • What about if I don’t have any climbing gear? 

You can rent it from Rock Iguana Ltd. 

  • What about if I already know how to climb but I am not part of the climbing community in Grand?

If you are already a climber and you don’t know anyone from the Cayman Climbing community feel free to reach out


A list of what you can find in Cayman Brac

  • 1 bank and it is Cayman national ATM, however, you can pay by card in most places.
  • 1 supermarket and a grocery store  ( it has a lot of stuff but if you like something specific, it will be better to bring it from Grand Cayman)
  • 2 liquor stores
  • A few restaurants and places to eat out
  • No pharmacies ( bring your own drugs 😉 )