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We believed in the power of autonomy and responsibility on how each individual will like to manage their time.

This schedule is just a guide for you to know what you can do in Cayman Brac, there are just a few activities on the schedule that will require preview registrations, like the yoga classes.

The rock climbing community will be climbing 99% of the weekend, if you are not a climber and you don’t have your own gear,  we recommend you take a course or tour with our friend’s company Rock Iguana.

I you are already a climber we have a private WhatsApp group where we will be posting the climbing sites where we’ll be closer to the date.

Take time to check this link to the Cayman Brac Climbing guide

Feel free to contact us

If you are a climber and you don’t have your own gear, we recommend you rent it from Rock Iguana

If you want to do something that is not on the schedule feel free to contact the local companies and arrange the time/day with them.

Below is the list of companies we recommend in Cayman Brac 





Rent a bike and explore on your own or book a tour

Rock Climbing Courses  or Tours


House rentals:

Car rentals:

Disclaimer: we are not affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned above and we do not take any responsibility for them


Limited spaces will be available for the yoga classes, we recommend you sign up in advance 

Yoga registration information:

Pre-registration and payment are required to reserve your spot.

For any classes, Grand Cayman residents should contact Renée to register and pay (cash or online transfer) and Cayman Brac residents should contact Mandy to register and pay (cash or credit card).

Contact us

  • Grand Cayman- Renée ✉️ reneeravazzani@gmail.com
  • Cayman Brac- Mandy ✉️ yoga@climb.ky

Yoga cancellation policy

Yoga class cancellations on or before Jan. 17 (three days prior to the start of Bracfest) will be given full refunds. Cancellations after Jan. 17 will not receive refunds. No exceptions, sorry




  • 8 am to 9 am

Let’s get ready – Yoga with Chantelle

A beautiful yoga flow to start moving, shaking the “office” off your mind and body, so you can set up and tune in the best way to start your holidays
Location: Yogi Wall – Price: USD $25
Registration in advance is required
Contact us:

  • Grand Cayman- Renée ✉️ reneeravazzani@gmail.com
  • Cayman Brac- Mandy ✉️ yoga@climb.ky
Depending on you arrival times there are few things you can do
  • Optional acitvities:
Diving,  Biking, Chilling in a hammock  remember you are the owner of your journey.
When need it contact the companies listed above.
For the climbing comunity, lots of climbig will be happening.
If you have experience climbing make sure to check the link to the caymann climbing guide.
The morning shade is usually at the  north side and at the afternon on the south side from 3pm ish.
For sunrise and sunsets time check https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/@3580720
If you never climbed before or you are a new climber and you would like to do a climbing  course or tour contact Rock Iguana ltd


  • 7 pm

Welcome Vegan Dinner – The Farm Restaurant 

Come to meet the “gang” this is an excellent opportunity to get involved with the activities that will be happening during the weekend and get to know each other while enjoying a Vegan and Vegetarian buffet made by the incredible chefs at The Farm Restaurant all using fresh produce sourced from their blufftop farm. Includes fresh pizza from the wood fire oven.

This event is being very generously subsidized by The Farm restaurant for the participants of Bracfest so it’s an opportunity for a unique Brac experience that is not to be missed!

We will share the vision of Bracfest 2023 and CBRAC will introduce some of the conservation causes we are donating to this year.

Maximum 40 diners so book early!

Location: The Farm Restaurant (Le Soleil d’Or)

Price: CI $45 (includes service charge, excludes drinks)

Presentation of CBRAC

☝🏼 For the reservations contact the restaurant directly 

📞 928 -5670 or via email at reservations@lesoleildor.com




  • 6:30 am to 8 am 

National Trust Reserve Eco-Hike: bird watching, education and photography 

A community hike through the ancient dry forest of the Brac Parrot Reserve, a piece of protected land named for the Cayman Brac Parrot (Amazona leucocephala hesterna) which you may be lucky enough to spot, along with the various other local and neotropical migrant birds. Learn about the importance of this unique ecosystem from some local naturalists and just enjoy a deep connection with the trees. 

Location: National Trust Parrot Reserve – Price: Donations to CBRAC 

Guided by Matt Southgate


✉️ matt.southgate@live.com


  • 8 am to 9 am 

Yoga for Flexibility and Mobility with Renée 

This class is not just a “stretching” class. The practice begins with a nice warm-up, including mobility drills, flowing from one posture to another, working with active and passive flexibility, and giving time to our body to adjust to the pose and explore the range of motion of our joints to see how far can you go. Ideal for climbers or anyone who want to feel better about the body when moving

Location: Yogi Wall – Price: USD $25

Registrations in advance are required

Contact us

  • Grand Cayman- Renée ✉️ reneeravazzani@gmail.com
  • Cayman Brac- Mandy ✉️ yoga@climb.ky


  • 9:15 am to 11 am

Let’s get Upside-Down – Workshop with Renée 

Arm balancing and upside-down yoga poses are available for all different levels!

In this class, you will explore and practice techniques and the variation of the pose that works for your body type. How to use your core muscles to keep your weight off your arms while you find balance practicing poses like Crow, Flying Pigeon, Dragon Fly, Headstand and/or Handstand! 

Come ready to be upside-down 🙃 Ending the session with well-deserved relaxation.

Location: Yogi Wall – Price: USD $35

Registrations in advance are required

Contact us

  • Grand Cayman- Renée ✉️ reneeravazzani@gmail.com
  • Cayman Brac- Mandy ✉️ yoga@climb.ky



  • 2:30-6 pm

Climbing Foundations Course with Rock Iguana

This introductory course covers the basics of top rope climbing (knots, belaying) and allows participants to experience the joys of top roping at one of the Brac’s stunning seaside sites.

Pre-registration and payment are required:

  • $100 CI for Grand Cayman climbing gym members;
  • $165 USD for non-members.
  • Maximum participants: 12 people.

For questions and registration.


Kurtis ✉️ info@climb.ky

You are free to climb, dive, bike, read a book or chill at the beach!

Climbing site for climbers to be designated

  • 6 pm- onwards

Climbing Community Beach Bonfire 🔥

We will all gather around a powerful bonfire to get to know each other and share stories or your beta.

Bring a chair or something to seat on the ground, your own drink and food to celebrate the Cayman Climbing community.

If you play any instruments 🥁, bring them and share your talents.

Surprise performance 😉 will happen before Sunset 

Location: South East Side Beach (park at the great cave)




  • 9 am

Beach Clean Up

 (Location to be designated)

Contact :

Doug ✉️ danderson@redsailcayman.com



  • 7:30 am to 8:45 am 

Hatha Yoga with Mandy

Our weekly Yogi Wall class begins with a short, slow flow and then transitions to longer holds to fine-tune alignment and increase body awareness. Noticing how subtle shifts in body positioning and muscle engagement can change a pose will help build mindfulness for climbing.
Location: Yogi Wall- Price: USD $25
Registration in advance is required

Contact us:

  • Grand Cayman- Renée ✉️ reneeravazzani@gmail.com
  • Cayman Brac- Mandy ✉️ yoga@climb.ky


  • 9:15 am to 10:15 am 

Restorative Yoga with Mandy

Calm your body and mind before enjoying a day of climbing. This class mixes gentle yin and restorative poses to release tension, reduce stress, and promote mindfulness.
Location: Yogi Wall- Price: USD $25
Registration in advance is required

Contact us:

  • Grand Cayman- Renée ✉️ reneeravazzani@gmail.com
  • Cayman Brac- Mandy ✉️ yoga@climb.ky



You know the drill, you are free to do whatever you want :

Climbing, diving, biking, reading a book or chilling at the beach!

Climbing site for climbers to be designated.

  • 7 pm – onward

Closing Dinner at Barracudas

We’ll gather together in one of the most famous local bars in Cayman Brac, to have one more night of fun before leaving this wonderful island.

They have vegetarian options but if you have any dietary restrictions we recommend contacting the restaurant in advance

📞+1 345-948-8511

Adress: 20 West End Road | Creek 33, KY2-2301, Cayman Brac





  • 8 am to 9 am

Flow & Let Go – Yoga with Chantelle

A gentle yoga flow to feel refreshed and get the circulation moving, followed by yin yoga poses to feel rested and recover. Ideal to close this wonderful weekend.

Location: Yogi Wall – Price: USD $25

Registrations in advance are required

Contact us:

  • Grand Cayman- Renée ✉️ reneeravazzani@gmail.com
  • Cayman Brac- Mandy ✉️ yoga@climb.ky


Climb like a Hero!

Today is Hero’s Day a holiday in the Cayman Islands, we invite you to bring your best hero costume if you like and join us in our last climbing session of the weekend.

Location to be decided

If you never climbed before contact Rock Iguana for a course or a guided tour.




Mandy Schenkemeyer – United States 🇺🇸
Yoga Teacher (200-Hour YTT), Rock Iguana Climbing Instructor
Mandy began practicign yoga nearly 20 years ago. She started teaching in 2014 to share her favorite practice for developing self-love, joy, and peace. Mandy enjoys light-hearted classes that embody the spirit of Lila, or play, and help us find home in our bodies. She has completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.
When not on the mat or the rock, Mandy can be found teaching college classes or completing her doctoral research
Chantelle Cooper – 
Director or Bliss Yoga Teacher Training
Chantelle has been practicing yoga since 2004 and teaching since 2007.
From the first class, she noticed a remarkable change: awareness of the subtle details of what goes on underneath the surface. The sensations of a body moving, the rhythm of breath, waves of feeling and vitality.
Chantelle completed her 500 Hour Professional Level Yoga Teacher Training at the world renowned Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts.
There she was lucky enough to train with several experienced faculty members, studying all aspects of yoga from anatomy and physiology to philosophy and meditation. Teaching in the Kripalu style, students are encouraged to find their own unique expression of yoga that best helps to fulfill their individual goals of physical fitness and mental clarity.
Chantelle guides students through creative posture flows where the breath is linked with movement  and mediation in motion.
You can find her teaching at Bliss Yoga Studio in Grand Cayman

Renée Ravazzani – Argentina 🇦🇷
Founder-Owner & Instructor at Sannyasa Yoga & Acrobatics Ltd
Renée is an entrepreneur yoga instructor certified by the International Yoga Alliance, an aerial circus acrobatics performer, a rock climber, a diver, and a fire dancer!
At the age of 20 years old she saw the Cirque Du Soleil show for the first time and she knew that is what she wanted to dedicate herself to. A couple of years after Renée said ‘see you later to Argentina, her home country in order to achieve her dreams and discover the world. During her travelling, she had the opportunity to continue her education, perform and teach in places like France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and India.
In 2018 opened officially her business Sannaysa Yoga & Acrobatics in the Cayman Islands where she lives full-time.
With a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and + 12 years of experience, she follows her passion for helping others to overcome fears and motivates them to discover a new world of physical activities like aerial silks, aerial hoops, flexibility, yoga and acroyoga classes.



The BRAC FEST 2023  is committed to making our community a safe space for everyone and to being responsible stewards of our resources.

We invite you to deepen our connection with the natural world. Let’s further explore our understanding of the stewardship responsibilities we have toward this beautiful island and the gifts it bestows on each of us.

To work towards these goals together, we hope you will consider abiding by the following guidelines:

  • Be considerate of one another
  • Follow land manager rules and closures
  • Respect wildlife and natural resources
  • Travel on existing trails
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Keep dogs leashed or under voice command

Thank you for helping us minimize our impact in the outdoors while attending the Fest, we are looking foward to seeing you!