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January Friday 20th to Monday 23th 2023

Cayman Brac 🌴 Cayman Islands


BRACFEST is a celebration of outdoor lifestyle, rock climbing, and yoga in the Cayman Islands,! 

Whether you are a seasoned climber or a novice, looking for instructions or simply a friendly group to climb with, there is something for everyone at BRAC FEST 2023.

Join a guided climbing session, or link up with local climbers on their favourite routes. Even if rock climbing is not your “thing” this weekend you’ll find something to do: chilling at the beach, yoga classes, diving or biking around the island and watching the staining sunrise to the lighthouse point!

How to participate? 

By showing up and making a donation to CBRAC 


We invite you to join us in deepening our connection with the natural world. Together let’s further explore our own understanding of the stewardship responsibilities we have toward this beautiful island and the gifts it bestows on each one of us. We invite you to hike with us amongst the ancient trees in the Brac Parrot Reserve, enjoy delicious plant-based food at our welcome dinner and opt for a “Zero plastic – Zero waste” Bracfest.

As climbers, yogis and outdoor adventurers we want to ask how we can integrate with nature so that we give more than we take. There is a very real and imminent threat of habitat loss due to rapid development in Cayman Brac.

Raising awareness and funds to help CBRAC,  is of the highest priority right now. We invite you to open your hearts and minds and together as a community we will work toward affecting positive change and help inspire others to also love and protect this precious gem. 


CBRAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation, education, and recreational access to nature in Cayman Brac.

Their mission is to protect the bluff and coastal forests of Cayman Brac and secure permanent public access rights to recreational areas along the bluff and coastline.


To participate in the  Cayman Brac Fest we request a donation fee of $ to CBRAC, any amount will be appreciated and you can do it directly on their webpage 

Using this link 👉🏼 https://www.cbrac.ky/donation-form

Donations of 25$ or more will include a very cool 😎 t-shirt for the first 65 entrants.

How you can get you super cool t-shirt?

When you make your donations in the reference write down your name and the last name and t-shirt side,  followed up by Brac Fest 2023, so we know is you!

We will let you know if you got to be one of the lucky 65