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What are you thankful for?

Just a few days ago, Thursday 22nd of November, 2018 to be more precise; the American thanks giving day was celebrated

Because I am from Argentina, part of the American continent (yes we are American too), but located in South America, we don’t really celebrate the thanks giving day.

However this day can be a great opportunity to remind us the things we should be thankful for. The simple things are the ones we always forget: a nice meal, a warm shower, a clean towel, a comfortable bed, a bathroom!.. We underestimate how bless we are by wanted to have more and more.

Think about it, you don’t really need this ultimate smart phone, a big tv or that fancy clothing. We tend to fill empty spaces with material things, maybe because we think  things are going to make us happier. When we just have to take the decision to be happy.

I know is easier to say it than to do it. Advice: try to remind your self to make time in your busy life and do something you enjoy; only one thing per day at least.

I will give you my example: I love the adventure and I have decide to live my life in a way many other will consider dangerous but I do not let that affect me, instead I choose to surround myself with people who has positive attitude and we have things in common.

This week I am expressing gratitude because I was able to live my life the way I want:

Gratitude for being able to rock climb with my awesome friend Angel

Gratitude for being able to go to dive any time
Gratitude because I was able to practice acroyoga
 Gratitude for being able to work doing something I am passionate about

Expressing gratitude can increase your vital energy, reduce stress, help us with anxiety and make you feel better.

There are many ways to do it:

-You can journal.  Make a list of the things you are thankful for. It can be done first thing in the morning or before going to bed.

-Yoga helps to express gratitude. Choose your favourite pose and spend a few minutes in it.

-Make a pause in your day and take a minute to practice deep mindful breathing. Count 10 to breath in and 10 to breath out, slowly.

-Focus on the things you CAN do, we get used to take things for granted and we forget to celebrate the small achievements.

The thanksgiving day this year has the particularity to be on the full moon. We already know the full moon bring a special energy to celebrate, to reconnect, to practice yoga or any other healthy activity and feel good.

I am not a tarot reader but would like to share some info about the full moon in November 2018 is in Geminis, is time to reflect, full release of what is not longer serving us, pulling all the layers out so we can understand who we are and reveal our true-self.

Is a great opportunity to slow down, grab your mat and practice Chandra Namaskar. 

We can see this as a brand new beginning, a new chapter opens one more time to determine your goals, follow your intuitions and learn how to live with joy.

Remember is your choice. 

Feel free to leave me a comment and share what are YOU thankful for?