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Manifesting Your Goals

Are you a daydreamer?

Do you tend to think about all the wonderful things you will do and almost never make them a reality?

Sometimes I am like that as well,🙈

And when that happens I try to stop and look for all the little steps I can take to make it happen.

This can be overwhelming

When something becomes overwhelming the best we can do is to think Who can you ask for help? or What is the 1st step you can take?

Try to break down how are you going to make things happen.

One thing I choose to do as well is following the Lunar Abundance Practice 

I have learned that each moon face brings different energies and whiting those energies we can plan when is the best moment to act or to rest.

Following the moon faces y like to journal and write down how am I feeling, energetic, with a lot of ideas or just tired and completely blocked.

with time, I have learned to respect that.

To take time to rest intend of burning out and forcing myself to do something

New Moon energy is all about setting new intentions, is the time to take action.

For example

If you want to add more physical activity to your life, this is the moment to take action and think about how you can make it happen, who are you going to ask for help or advice.

Do you know about manifestation rituals?

This is something I have incorporated together with the releasing rituals ( full moon)

Manifestation rituals are about creating time and space to manifest

nothing to do with witchcraft.

🌑 July 9th, 2021, is the New Moon

Time to Manifest The New

What does it mean?

The new moon brings the yin energy
Time to take action.

Give yourself time to dream and ask yourself:

What intentions/goals should I set?

Setting intentions in the luna abundance practice involves moving beyond the head into the physical sensations.


Let me tell you how we will do it

1st, We will practice a Yoga flow (asanas) to release the physical tensions and set our minds

2nd, we’ll practise pranayama ( breathing technique) to connect with our prana “lifeforce” “energy’

3rd we will meditate and follow a simple but efficient manifestation ritual

This will help help you set your intentions and guide you through the septs you should take to manifest.
This will happen on:

  • July 9th, 2021
  • 12 pm -EST
  • Online on Zoom
  • Cost $15

✨ $5 Discount to the ones who did the Full Moon Release Ritual 😉

You can keep your videocamera on or off during the session

You can attend the live class or get the replay

When you pay for this session, it will be yours to practice any time and every New Moon 🌑

Payments can be done on PayPal or online transfer.

Contact me for the link and Let me know if you have any questions




The last Super Moon of 2019

March’s full moon is the third and final super-moon for the rest of 2019.

2019March 20
9:42 pm EDT
March 21
01:42 UTC

We will also celebrate Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time.

This change in seasons causes a shift in the expression and flow of energy around us.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is a time where everything comes into bloom. Is a time where the energy is moving from an inner state to an outer state. There is a lot of outward energy guiding us and encouraging us to get out there and express ourselves.

The days will be longer than the nights! And with longer days, comes the return of Yang energy.

In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn is perhaps one of the most meaningful times of year as it reminds us of the cycle of death and rebirth.

It is a time where we have to release, clear out the clutter, and to celebrate all we have achieved and accomplished. It is also a time of harvest, where we can recap the rewards of all our hard work and effort

“You might have a strong need for balance and harmony now. You probably desire to keep things “nice” rather than venturing into fundamental questions in order not to disturb the peace. You must learn to share your good and bad feelings. Do not be afraid to be who you really are, despite what is expected of you”.

This Full Moon is going to supercharge us. It is going to awaken and revive us. It is going to help us find new inspiration and joy for life. We are going to feel a push forward, and we are going to feel excited about the journey to come.

During this time we are letting go of the old so we can grab on to the new intention we manifest at the time of the new moon.

Full moons are a time for celebration!

To honour the moon; to celebrate and to give back to the community I will be hosting a Yoga class by donations.

We will practice Chandra Namaskar commonly know as Moon Salutations f

This practice is a quieting sequence that invites you to slow down, bowing to and cultivate the moon’s soothing lunar energy. Paying special attention to the quality of each movement. Instead of moving quickly, jumping into and out of poses as we would in Sun Salutations, we move slowly, as though we were moving through water.

This will helps anyone who suffers anxiety or feels under stress.


  • Thursday March 21st
  • 6-7pm


At Quinntessential Movement, Pole and Aerial dance studio

Located in Galleria Plaza, George Town. Grand Cayman; Cayman Islands

The practice will be lead at the studio (to avoid the mosquitos) Before the end of the class we will walk to the closest beach to perform a release ritual, if the weather allow us 🙂

This ritual is going to help you release the past and welcome in the new. It is going to balance your energy levels and make you an open channel so the lunar energy can shine down on you in all the right places.

What do you need to bring?

  • Pen & paper
  • Your Yoga Mat, if you have one, otherwise the studio can provide some.
  • Your Water bottle

All the donations will go to Caymans ARK – Acts of Random Kindness

Huge thanks to Quinntessential Movement for donated the studio for the class.

Click HERE to check the event on facebook

Hope to see you there.



Share the Love

Today, February 14th or yesterday, (because I don’t know when you are reading this), is known as the famous “Valentine’s Day”, the lover’s day o maybe the friendship’s day.

It’s the day when people show their affection for another person or people by sending cards, gifts, flowers or chocolates with messages of love.


Do you know how did it started?

I didn’t, so I did some research and it comes to be the day gets its name from a famous saint:

“Saint Valentine”

There are several stories of who he was.

Here I will share one with you

“The popular belief about St Valentine is that he was a priest from Rome in the third century AD.

The Emperor at the time; Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers.

Valentine felt this was unfair, so he broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret. 
When Claudius found out, Valentine was thrown in jail and sentenced to death.
There, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and when he was taken to be killed on 14 February he sent her a love letter signed “from your Valentine”.

The oldest known Valentine’s message written in English; dated in 1477

“While some believe that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the middle of February to commemorate the anniversary of Valentine’s death or burial–which probably occurred around A.D. 270–others claim that the Christian church may have decided to place St. Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to “Christianize” the pagan celebration of Lupercalia. Celebrated at the ides of February, or February 15, Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus.

It’s thought that as part of the celebrations, boys drew names of girls from a box. They’d be boyfriend and girlfriend during the festival and sometimes they’d get married

Gradually, St Valentine’s name started to be used by people to express their feelings to those they loved.


Pretty cool information, right?

But I know, there is lots of times when this can be use as a commercial day for the bussines, and… I get it, it can be socially hard if you are single in these days but that is the beauty of the modern world, you don’t have to have a couple to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Myself, I am not a person who ever consider this day as a day to celebrate.

But you know what?

I think if you can use the excuse of this day to help someone else to feel better, it is absolutely worth it.

And you can share the love in so many different way. It docent have to be only to a boyfriend or girlfriend, or love-partner or a date.

Investing in self- love and self-growing is so important:

  • A massage
  • A good book
  • A good dinner
  • A good wine
  • Time with friends
  • That training or course you always wanted to do

And these are only options but let’s not forget there are others who might not have the same luck as us.

So, why not investing your time in volunteers activities? This is such a great way to share the love.

Since 2018 part of my giving back to community in Cayman Islands is sharing the love of teaching yoga to everyone and to anyone.

I have been organising and sharing the yoga love with classes by donation, all going to a non-profit organisation called:

Cayman’s Act of Random Kindness, 

This organisation endeavours to be a friend to people in unique circumstances of crisis; to demonstrate kindness through loving act’s of service. ARK is a friend to strangers and approaches humanity with great love and compassion -without judgment. ‘Paying it forward’ results in the nurturing and inspiration of the human spirit, changing lives one life at a time. As a chain reaction the ripple of kindness is unending

I chose the full moon for these classes, as a way of bringing the community closer to each other so I can share my knowledge about Chandra Namaskar most commonly known as Moon Salutation.And hopefully be able to provide some new information to the ones who approach these practice with good intentions.

Also have been inviting another wonderful instructor Maree, to join me in the teaching. She is the one in charge of the introspective and meditative part of the class.

February 2019 won’t be the exception and its full moon is commonly known as the Full Snow Moon in Native American cultures.

These ancient tribes named this moon after the way trees cracked in the cold, or how people had to sit shoulder to shoulder around the fire for warmth. Even the Celts called it the Moon of Ice.

But for the one who lives in Cayman Islands this is not something we have to worry about. We have the privilege to enjoy the sun and beach most of the time, right?

That is why Maree & I will be teaching an outdoor Yoga Class by donations!

First we will do a warm up, I will explain how to practice Chandra Namaskar and we will flow with it. On the second part Maree will be a guiding you in a delightful Meditation.

Come ready to let go what is not longer serving you

February 19th, 2019 from 6 to 7pm.

The location is at public beach’s grass patch next to the playground, next to calicos.

As I mention before all the donation will go to Caymans ARK – Acts of Random Kindness 

Please bring your own yoga mat and water bottle.
Maybe some mosquito spray and a blanket for the meditation part 😉

Even in the Caribbean can gets chilli

Here is the link of the event

Be part, share the love and help us spread the word with your friends or anyone you think will like to do the practice.

Thank you


First Full Moon of 2019 coming with a special gift

This first moon of 2019 is coming with a super especial gift:

Also will be visible in all North-Central and South America continent.

Total moon eclipse the night of January 20th beginning at 10:36pm and finishing on January 21st at 11:36pm. if you live in Cayman Islands.

I am saying this will be a gift because apparantley it wont happen again until May 26th, 2021!!

So don’t waist any time on Sunday 20th just go outside and observe the sky

First let me share with you a something I have learn about total lunar eclipses

I have to be honest I didn’t know this before.

The total lunar eclipse happens only when is the moon is full and the sun , the earth and the moon are aligned in the same line!

Now remember the moon does not have its own light but shines because its surface reflects the Sun’s rays. During a total lunar eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon and blocks any direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. The Sun casts the Earth’s shadow on the Moon’s surface

This will affects on how we usually see the moon with its bright white color instead it will turn to looks dark, coppery- red. Hence the name of the Blood Moon

Now let me tell you the 2nd gift it will be also a Super Moon!

Why called a Super Moon?

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is both, full and reaches the point in its orbit where it’s closest to Earth. A Super-moon appears ever-so-slightly larger and brighter than a typical full Moon, though the difference is negligible when viewed with the naked eye. 

I don’t know about you but I think these are 2 beautiful gifts nature is providing to us to appreciate it.

Is there a 3rd gift?

Yeap, according to the farmer’s almanac January’s full moon is the Wolf Full Moon

“The very first full moon of the year is known in many cultures as the Full Wolf Moon, this is a great time for you to plan out clever ways to achieve your goals for the upcoming year. Trust your wolfish instincts when it comes to decisions, but also be tenacious in searching for useful knowledge that will help you realise your masterplan”.

Every full moon me and others “moon followers” talk about is moment to let go, to say good bye at whatever is no longer serving us, to whatever is stoping us to keep evolving, to keep growing, to keep moving.

Honor your emotions, own them. If you feel like cry then cry nothing wrong with it. If you feel like scream will help you to realise ..then do it. If you feel like running with no special direction where to go, then do it.

Avoid repressing feelings. Allow yourself to play, to move, to have fun and to enjoy.

If you are in Grand Cayman please join us to celebrate the first full moon of 2019!

We will meet 5:30pm to practice Chandra Namaskar also called moon salutations follow by a guided meditation

At the grass patch, next to the children playground at Public Beach, close to Calicos. Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

All donations will go to a non-profit organisation; Acts of Random Kindness endeavours to be a friend to people in unique circumstances of crisis; to demonstrate kindness through loving act’s of service. ARK is a friend to strangers and approaches humanity with great love and compassion -without judgment. ‘Paying it forward’ results in the nurturing and inspiration of the human spirit, changing lives one life at a time. As a chain reaction the ripple of kindness is unending.

Link to the event:


Pease bring your own yoga mat, water bottle & blanket

psss, maybe mosquito spray

If you miss it remember you can always practice until 2 day after the full moon.

Let me know if you want to know more about it.

Write a comment or an email

Happy full Moon salutations!

Holidays Gifts Ideas under 100$, for your Yogi friend

Generosity is a choice that feels right and joyful. Generosity comes from believing you have enough to share.

Holidays are almost here!!

Do you have a friend who loves practicing yoga and is carrying the mat everywhere? I know a few 😉 included myself

Maybe someone who just started the practice..

Or maybe you wan to have a self-present, because you deserve it! 

So many options and you don’t know what to choose as a gift for your family and friends!

Holidays some times can be stressful days and we don’t have much time to look around for presents. To make it easy for you here I organise a few options of what I like and I am sharing it with the idea of helping others to find a perfect gift for your love ones.

Note: the options here are not only for yogi people it can be also anyone who is into any other sports or for someone who prefers wearing comfortable and stylish clothing in the daylight basic

But first I would like to let you know something:

Yes, I am using affiliated links be aware it won’t cost you anything extra; by buying from any of the links here in my website you are helping me to get benefit from the brands I am advertising. 

With that said let’s get the party started 🙂

Gifts ideas for you ladies friends:

Following my ideals,I careful selected options made from a range of eco-friendly fabrics, such as soft organic cotton and recycled polyester knit.

Tank Tops & Long Sleeves 


Yoga Pants & Shorts

Bikinis & Swimsuits

For the ones who live in the warm part of the world or if yo are planing to go on vacation to the beach!


Gift ideas for your men friends :

Tank Tops & Long Sleeves

Yoga Pants & Shorts

Yoga Mats & Accessories

Uff I have to be honest this wasn’t as easy as I thought it will be, but I am happy to be able to take the time and select some of my favourites gifts.

Now remember, you don’t need always to give a material thing as a gift.

Giving someone a lift, a good recommendation, encouragement, forgiveness or quality time to spend with family and friends, are also a gift

Please let me know if any of these options help you or I am open to suggestions

Wherever you are in the globe keep enjoying life

Happy Holidays!

Lunar Cycles

Believe it or not we all know the Moon has a powerful energy, mostly connected with women because of their cycle. It’s the Moon’s journey as it orbits around Earth that creates the predictable dance between light and shadow.


What is a Lunar Cycle ?

Let’s start with some interesting facts. It takes the Moon 29.53 days to orbit completely around the Earth in a full lunar cycle. During this time, the Moon will go through each phase. Since the Moon’s orbital journey takes a little less than a full month, you’ll notice that–depending on the exact number of days in that month–the Full Moon occurs a day or two earlier each month.

During this cycle the moon goes from completely invisible to full, then back to invisible again. 

“These two cycles govern creativity and hold the key to manifesting with

Moon Magic” 

Britney Carmichael

I have been frequently curious abut the moon, my astrology sign is cancer, water is my element and we all know water is having a “tide” relationship with the moon 😉

With time it just happened, I started to pay close attention to my emotions and behaviour as a result of different situations and I was be able to relate connections between them and the moon cycles.

That is the reason why I decided to share a brief result of my research and reading. Because I realise  I am not the only one who deal with different levels of energy during the month, and that is not just because I am a woman 

I am not crazy, you are not crazy…

…well maybe just a little bit..shhh

However, knowing and understanding more about the lunar cycles and what is recommenced to work on each of them it helps me to focus my energy in a more productive way.  

So, as it helps me it might help you


New intentions 

The new moon’s energy is wonderful for visualising, setting intentions, and gathering energy for the coming work at hand. New beginnings, new relationships, new adventures, and positive changes. This is a time of turning inward, tapping into your intuition and setting intentions for what you want to manifest in your life over the next 2 week or 6-month cycle. A great time for evaluating your life and deciding what you want to create or how you want to grow. To get clear on what you desire and invite new opportunities to your life.

Tip: grab pen and paper to write down your intentions, preferably after you meditations  

Warning:  This time isn’t good for action, but more planning, dreaming and scheming.


Time to take actions

Growth, learning, creativity, healing, and transformation. As the moon appears to grow, energy builds and the time for action begins. Think of your intention and take strategic steps forward to begin materializing your desires. Action initiates the Law of Attraction. Be patience.

A good time to launch new projects, implement healthy habits and push yourself to do the challenging work required to actualize your dreams.

When we have trouble welcoming something new into our lives, an internal shift is needed to create the change we seek. The active waxing moon is a time to notice all the inner obstacles so you can release them at the upcoming full moon.

Tip: go back to the intentions you wrote during you new moon meditations and make them happen


Great time to manifest

The full moon is a time of releasing and receiving. During this time we are letting go of the old so we can grab on to the new intention we manifest at the time of the new moon.

 The moon is fully illuminated. Her light shines down upon us from sunset to sunrise. This is the time for manifestation. Our energy and power are the most strong around the full moon. This is a time to dream big. Anything is possible. A great time to connect with higher powers and spirit guides. Also a great time to connect with others in your community. This is the culmination of all the work that has come before. Emotions are heightened during the full moon, so be gentle with yourself.

TIP: Full moons are a time for celebration! Gather with your closest friends and harness the powerful magic of the full moon, create a ritual. 

Warning: October’s full moon in 2018 is a week before Halloween and it is called Hunter’s Moon according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, because that moon occurs when the season for hunting many game animals begins. 

October’s full moon is spiritually known as the Hunter Moon or Blood Moon.


Do the internal work.

The  waning moon is all about releasing, letting go of what no longer serves you, cleansing, breaking free of toxic habits and relationships. This is the time to make space for what you want to call in on the approaching new moon. A great time to go inward, for solitude, introspection and meditation. Also a potent time for forgiveness of self and others.

When the visible moon starts to darken, it’s a reminder to slow down, relax more and do less, now is the time to do some internal work,

Tip: journal, meditate and ask your higher self or spirit guides for help working through whatever needs healing.



3 Easy arm balance poses to beging with

I know arm balances poses can be intimidating for beginners in the yoga practice.When fear becomes the prime mover in taking a pose, we forget completely about the proper  alignment and breathing.

We all have been there; just remember there is always a first time for everything, be patient with your self.

Why would you include arm balances postures in your practice?

Because they have great benefits!

Let’s go through a few of them:

  • Help to keep you mind focus.
  • Increase the strength in your arms, wrists and core muscles= increase you confidence
  • Improve your balance.
  • They are a great preparation for the future practice of more challenging postures, like handstands.

Here I am going to share 3 arm balance postures you can start with.

In Sanskrit: BABY BAKASANA OR BABY CROW in English 

Start on your forearm plank, walk your feet close to your hand to dolphin posture, shift your weight forward, (lots of pressure in your shoulders, I know)

Use your finger like if you wanted to grab the floor. Try to bring one knee at the time close to your armpits, when you got this 

Try with both and voila!


In Sanskrit: BAKASANA or CROW in English 

Start on yogi squat or Malasana, bring the palms of your hand on the floor right there in front of you.

Push the floor, round you spine and try to bring one knee at the time close to your armpits.

If you got this try with both!


 In Sanskrit: PARSVA BAKASANA or SIDE CROW in English 

Bend your knees to a half squat or to Chair pose, Utkatasana , bring your hands together in Anjali mudra.

Twist your torso to the right, cross you left elbow over your right knee and try to place it on your right thigh.

Lean toward your right side until your hands reach the floor, seek the palms of your hand pressing firmly pushing the floor away, so you can transfer the weight from your feet to your hands.

Round your spine, press with your core muscles in, lift you hip and try to draw your heels toward your buttocks .

With your eyes gazing forward.

Repeat to your other side 


I know all this sound easier than it actually is, this is just a short description on how you can get into each of these postures.

There is high chances it wont happen  at the first try, still do not get disappointed keep trying it will happen eventually.

“Perseverance is not a long race:

It is many short races, one after another”.

Walter Elliot.

Here are some tips:

  • Always wear comfortable clothe. I am a big fan of Prana, but any comfortable clothe is good
  • Work with a lots of postural poses before, like planks or side planks
  • Put a blanket or pillow with there in front of you face to make sure you will have a soft landing it is needed.
  • Use props like block for extra supports. Ex: in Bakasana start with you feet on the blocks and hands on the floor.
  • Keep your hand separate shoulder distance width. 
  • Don’t be afraid to put your weight forward, towards your fingertips ( you should have the pillow or blanket for soft landing in front of you 😉
  • Keep your hips high so the weight is not on your wrist only.
  • Use all the palm of your hand
  • Shoulders always far from your neck 
  • Have lots of fun!

Don’t be so hard on yourself, the practice of different arm balance postures should be fun.

Is going to be easy??

Probably no

Will it worth it

Absolutely !

Keep enjoying your journey..








October’s Full Moon 2018

As I mention in another post I am incredibly curious about the moon and it affects our states of mind and emotions. I truly believe the moon has an incredible power on us living beings.

So if you are curious about the moon as me you are in the right place

First I would like to share here are some interesting facts about October’s full moon:

“Is commonly called the Hunter’s Moon, harkening back to European and Native American traditions where hunters would use the light of the full moon to track down their prey and stock up for the coming winter.

Contrary to popular belief, the Hunter’s Moon isn’t actually bigger or brighter than usual. It simply rises earlier, soon after sunset, which would give hunters plenty of bright moonlight to hunt by during the early evenings. To Neo Pagans, however, the Hunter’s Moon is known by a far more morbid name – the Blood Moon.

Humans through the ages have always found autumn’s full moons to be creepy, and not without good reason. There’s a reason why English folks in the Middle Ages called October’s full moon the Blood Moon, and it’s the exact same reason why even Halloween imagery today often features a large, low-hanging moon with an eerie reddish glow. The Hunter’s Moon rises early in the evening, which means that you are more likely to see it near the horizon.

Exactly today October 24, 2018 you will see the moon rising at 9:45am PDT

12:45pm EDT and 16:45 UT

When you observe the moon while it’s near the horizon, it gives off the illusion of being bigger while it’s in fact the same size. In addition, observing the moon at the horizon makes it look redder. This is because you’re seeing it through a thicker atmosphere, which scatters more blue light and lets more red light pass through to reach your eyes”.

Going back to the yoga approach of this topic, scientific explanations aside, the Hunter’s Moon or Blood Moon still holds an undeniable aura of mystique and power.

You must have heard about the Surya namaskar or Sun Salutation, but not many people know about the other side of it:

Chandra Namaskar or the Moon Salutation.

Is a sequence which reveres and honours the energy of the moon.

The name is derived from the Sanskrit, chandra, meaning “moon,” and “namaskara,” meaning “salutation.” Although they are less well known than the  practice, they complement it perfectly, as they embrace the opposite, interconnected energy. 

While surya namaskar’s 12 postures, chandra namaskar has 14 positions correlating to the lunar phases. The moon salutation has the opposite effect on your body than the surya salutation; it is meant to calm your body, preparing you for a long and restful night’s sleep.

Chandra Namaskara is considered more yin in nature than the intrinsically yang Surya Namaskara. As such, Chandra Namaskar  is a more cooling, meditative sequence of postures, which is ideally to be practiced in the evening. 

The sequence of asanas for Chandra Namaskara has many variations, but will often involve moving to the right and left, and facing the long edge of the mat.  Side stretches and circular movements of the sequence can be considered to represent the phases of the moon as it waxes and wanes.


In practicing Chandra Namaskara, it is helpful to take the focus inward and to reflect on the meaning and significance of the moon and its energy for earth and oneself. . The practice can then be one of gratitude for the moon and all it offers.

Is recommended to have pen and paper close by so you can journal any thoughts or ideas that might present during your practice.

Chandra Namaskar practice is also beneficial for:

  • Strengthening all major muscle groups
  • Improving flexibility
  • Calming the mind
  • Grounding and focusing the body and mind

Practicing Chandra Namaskara is probably a relatively recent yogic practice, perhaps dating to the late 20th century, but practices of worshipping the moon are undoubtedly ancient. The moon was traditionally regarded in certain yogic texts as the source of immortality

From the Tarot perspective today Full Moon is in Taurus:

Time to release to make peace

I am not going to dive deep into it because I am a beginner in this aspect if you wan to know more about it there is tons of information online and books as well.

Hope the information helps, go and get your comfy clothes and start including this into your own practice, if you are not doing it already. 

Until next time, 


“One thing is for sure, a transformation is happening so surrender yourself to the flow of change that is taking you to the next level of growth for you. This Taurus Full Moon has us releasing excess emotions to make room for more peace”

Britney Carmichael.

Arm balance and variations for all levels Workshop

Arm balances are good for strength, body awareness, and focus, providing some fun challenges for every body.

Are you ready to finally float into the arm balances that have been eluding you?

The good news is, there’s an arm balance available for all different levels.

In this workshop I will teach you how to use your back and core muscles to keep your weight off your arms while you practice poses like Crow (or Crane) Pose,  Side Crow, Flying Pigeon, Eka Pada Koundiniasana, Dragon Fly pose and we’ll keep going until our bodies are ready to get into savasana 😉

4pm to 5:30pm. Saturday Sept 29th, 2018. 

3pm to 4:30pm. Saturday Nov 17th, 2018.

At Quintessential Movement Pole dance studio.


Galleria Plaza (Blue Plaza)

638 West Bay Road
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands



$30 cayman dollars if you are already a member of the studio

$40 cayman dollars for non members.


Renée is  an entrepreneur  with a bachelor degree in physical education, yoga instructor certified by the International Yoga Alliance and an aerial circus performer with 10 years of teaching experience. 

Coming to share her passion & knowledge at Quintessential  Movement, Pole Dance Studio.


Sign up in advance is required:

  • info@qmovement.dance
  • info.sannyasa@gmail.com


Any questions?? Please let me know

Error: Contact form not found.