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”Would you like to choreograph your own routine?”

Creating choreography doesn’t have to be complicated. We struggle with remembering the sequence of steps we have created.

Or some of us might have difficulty silencing that voice in our head that tells us that our work is too simple, not impressive enough, or just generally “not good enough.” It doesn’t have to be that way; think of your favourite moves and bring a song you would like to work with.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • To set a choreography working with your music or how to find it if you don’t have one yet.
  • To discover the moves that come to you naturally and find tweaks to make them look awesome.
  • To find confidence and comfort in front of an audience.


  • Studio members CI$30
  • Non-members CI$40

Registration in advance is required

Studio contact

• info@Qmovement.dance

Or write your email in the box below and let me know if you have any questions