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In-Person Classes

We are going through hard times and we need yoga more than ever!

I know you want to keep training your splits and your backbends, I know you want to keep yourself strong and flexible.

I know you don’t want to lose all the improvements you have done during those days of hard training in the aerial silk, aerial hoop or pole dancing.

I know how you might feel.

We are all in the same boat,  I want to keep my teachings going and I know you want to keep improving with your practice.

I am here to help,

What can you do during the days we can not have access to the studios or training facilities?

The answer is YOGA.

Let’s use the technology in the way we need it now, let’s practice online

Hi, my name is Renee and yoga has helped me in so many ways.

I am a PE teacher, a yoga instructor, and an aerial acrobat performer. I love teaching, I love training and I love performing.

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  • Flexibility Class

Every Monday at 6 pm you will find teaching at Quinntesential Movement Studio.

In this class, we focus on improving the overall flexibility of the body.

Contact me for more information.

  • Aerial Circus Acrobatics

We offer Aerial Hoop & Aerial Silks,

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

You will find me teaching in-person at Quinntessential Movement Studio in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The classes are divided by levels of experience.

We do offer an Intro to Aerial Course every month, once you have taken the introductory course you can enrol to the weekly classes

Contact me for more information


  • Yoga at Spotts Beach

Join me for a beach yoga class while enjoying the sunset and the sound of the ocean.

This is a Hatha Yoga Class where we focus on importing the flexibility and mobility of our body with the adaptation of the poses if need it.

Every Friday 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, at Spotts Beach in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

What do you need to bring;

  • Yoga Mat
  • Water bottle
  • Mosquito spray during the summer

All levels are welcome

Contact me before going



During these classes you choose where do you want to practice :

  • Your home
  • Outdoor space
  • Rental Studio


  • 1:1 Private Classes

If you don’t find the time to go to a studio or you will prefer to have the total focus of your instructor.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work in specific training or session 1:1 with me, Renée

Options of classes:

  1. Conditioning: flexibility, mobility & strength
  2. Yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga
  3. Acroyoga
  4. Aerial Circus Acrobatics (rental studio only)


CI$80 per hour

Contact me for class packages


  • Semi-Private Group Classes

If you prefer practicing with a group of friends instead of going to the crowded studio

This is a great opportunity to be accountable for each other.

Options of classes:

  1. Conditioning: flexibility, mobility & strength
  2. Yoga ( Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga)
  3. Acroyoga
  4. Aerial Circus Acrobatics (rental studio only)


CI$100 per hour, up to 5 persons.

Contact for class packages

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