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What is Passive Flexibility?

What studies say:

“Static passive stretching is useless, most of the time.

Passive flexibility does nothing to increase control, reduce injury risk, or improve overall health.”

That said, SOMETIMES, static passive stretching is good for you. Sometimes the passive range of motion work is necessary, and sometimes passive flexibility is the only option available!

But what is it?

When we talked about passive stretching or passive flexibility we are referring to the act of holding a position where our muscles are being stretched with the help of an external force.

For example:

Maybe you can do a lotus pose, (legs courses with the feet close to your hips)

or half lotus pose ( one leg only)

Lotus Pose – Padmasana in Sanskrit

However, you can only get there if you are helping your legs to get to this position with your hands.

What about if you try t get there just using your leg’s power?

😉 No that easy, right?!

Well, that is a clear example of passive flexibility.

It can be “useless’ and it can be also benefitial.

Here I am going to share 3 reasons why we should practice passive flexibility from time to time.

(Disclaimer: this applies to injuries-free bodies, with no hypermobility or any other individual situations.

And that you always need to check with your doctor or qualified health professional.)

Benefits of practicing passive flexibility:

  1. This can be a good option if active stretching is not possible for that specific move or body type performing the move.
  2. It can be a great way to help your brain to feel comfortable and understand that you are “safe” in a stretching position. Using passive stretching as a stepping stone to get into active flexibility.
  3. It can feel good and relaxing specifically for hypermobile people because is like we are not doing much”. However, is not recommended to practice passive flexibility all the time as this can bring injuries due to the lack of strength.

Now not everyone needs to have an incredible range of motions and active flexibility or get into super bendy positions

Because In real-life there are not many times where we will need to touch our toes with our legs straight to perform a daily activity.

Not everyone needs to get into perfect splits!

This depends on the disciplines you choose to practice (professional or personal)

The key will be to find that perfect balance between flexibility, strength and mobility and how much or how little do you need of each will depend on what do you need it for.

If you are “normal” being with “normal” daily activities, practicing passive flexibility from time to time will definitely help you increase your overall body flexibility, to feel good with your simple daily activities like tightening the laces of your shoes or gardening and will help you to reduce stress by tuning in and feeling more connected with your body.

Being all that I just mentioned the purpose of the following classes.

  • Sunday, October 24th, 2021, at 5:30 pm  EST
  • Wednesday, October 27th, at 6 pm EST
I will be teaching an online class focused on passive flexibility & restorative poses.
The structure of the class will be the same for both classes, however, the content and the yoga sequence will be different:
✨ We’ll start with gentle mobility moves to warm up.
✨The main part of the class will cost in helping you to improve your overall flexibility with passive stretches.
That means we will hold yoga poses for 10 to 15 breaths.
With the assistance of props like yoga straps, yoga blocks or a pillow and the wall.
✨We’ll practice pranayama ( breathing exercise) to bring prana (energy) to the body and bring all the attention to the here-now moment.
✨Finishing the session with restorative poses, to help your muscles recover and feel amazing!
The class will be online on Zoom.
And a replay will be available for 10 days.
To the ones who can’t make it to the live class or who wants to repeat
Cost or the class 15$ky or 16usd$
Payment can be done via online transfer with Butterfield bank the Cayman Islands or PayPal
To sign up send me an email at
✉️ renee@sannyasa.yoga
Let me know what payment option do you prefer.
Once payment is done you will get the link to the online class 2 hr before the class time
If you have any questions please let me know


“Hi Renee

Thanks for the class on Saturday – the splits have always I’ve wanted to particularly focus on so it’s good to have sessions focused solely on those!.

I’ve found the workshops really useful and have been doing my homework again already this week!”

Sarah. M,

“Thanks, Renee,

I slept like a baby after that class!
I struggle to sleep at the moment, (as I’m sure all of us do), but I curled up in bed and was out cold for about an hour and a half. Must have been so much stuff “stuck” in those hips, which was released.
I love your positivity and desire to help us all improve without judgement. I love that you follow us up and make sure that we are doing our homework too
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend”

Roz, GJ. – Director/Senior Speech and Language Therapist

“🥰 Such a good workshop! My hips feel so great now!

I had an ankle injurie like 12yrs ago and I think it’s started affecting my right knee and hip too…

Hip is alwasy cracking and popping and I totally felt that getting so much less by the end of your routine!

I am exited to do my homework this week ☺️🙏🏼

Brittney, A.- Fire Dancer, Electrician, Hula Hooper, Acrobat-

Thank you Renee. My full moon salutation with you was exactly what I needed!


“Renee is a wonderful teacher and an inspiring person who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. I have enjoyed every class I have attended with her and always leave her sessions feeling either relaxed, inspired or both!

Karen, F. Teacher