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Lunar Cycles

Believe it or not we all know the Moon has a powerful energy, mostly connected with women because of their cycle. It’s the Moon’s journey as it orbits around Earth that creates the predictable dance between light and shadow.


What is a Lunar Cycle ?

Let’s start with some interesting facts. It takes the Moon 29.53 days to orbit completely around the Earth in a full lunar cycle. During this time, the Moon will go through each phase. Since the Moon’s orbital journey takes a little less than a full month, you’ll notice that–depending on the exact number of days in that month–the Full Moon occurs a day or two earlier each month.

During this cycle the moon goes from completely invisible to full, then back to invisible again. 

“These two cycles govern creativity and hold the key to manifesting with

Moon Magic” 

Britney Carmichael

I have been frequently curious abut the moon, my astrology sign is cancer, water is my element and we all know water is having a “tide” relationship with the moon 😉

With time it just happened, I started to pay close attention to my emotions and behaviour as a result of different situations and I was be able to relate connections between them and the moon cycles.

That is the reason why I decided to share a brief result of my research and reading. Because I realise  I am not the only one who deal with different levels of energy during the month, and that is not just because I am a woman 

I am not crazy, you are not crazy…

…well maybe just a little bit..shhh

However, knowing and understanding more about the lunar cycles and what is recommenced to work on each of them it helps me to focus my energy in a more productive way.  

So, as it helps me it might help you


New intentions 

The new moon’s energy is wonderful for visualising, setting intentions, and gathering energy for the coming work at hand. New beginnings, new relationships, new adventures, and positive changes. This is a time of turning inward, tapping into your intuition and setting intentions for what you want to manifest in your life over the next 2 week or 6-month cycle. A great time for evaluating your life and deciding what you want to create or how you want to grow. To get clear on what you desire and invite new opportunities to your life.

Tip: grab pen and paper to write down your intentions, preferably after you meditations  

Warning:  This time isn’t good for action, but more planning, dreaming and scheming.


Time to take actions

Growth, learning, creativity, healing, and transformation. As the moon appears to grow, energy builds and the time for action begins. Think of your intention and take strategic steps forward to begin materializing your desires. Action initiates the Law of Attraction. Be patience.

A good time to launch new projects, implement healthy habits and push yourself to do the challenging work required to actualize your dreams.

When we have trouble welcoming something new into our lives, an internal shift is needed to create the change we seek. The active waxing moon is a time to notice all the inner obstacles so you can release them at the upcoming full moon.

Tip: go back to the intentions you wrote during you new moon meditations and make them happen


Great time to manifest

The full moon is a time of releasing and receiving. During this time we are letting go of the old so we can grab on to the new intention we manifest at the time of the new moon.

 The moon is fully illuminated. Her light shines down upon us from sunset to sunrise. This is the time for manifestation. Our energy and power are the most strong around the full moon. This is a time to dream big. Anything is possible. A great time to connect with higher powers and spirit guides. Also a great time to connect with others in your community. This is the culmination of all the work that has come before. Emotions are heightened during the full moon, so be gentle with yourself.

TIP: Full moons are a time for celebration! Gather with your closest friends and harness the powerful magic of the full moon, create a ritual. 

Warning: October’s full moon in 2018 is a week before Halloween and it is called Hunter’s Moon according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, because that moon occurs when the season for hunting many game animals begins. 

October’s full moon is spiritually known as the Hunter Moon or Blood Moon.


Do the internal work.

The  waning moon is all about releasing, letting go of what no longer serves you, cleansing, breaking free of toxic habits and relationships. This is the time to make space for what you want to call in on the approaching new moon. A great time to go inward, for solitude, introspection and meditation. Also a potent time for forgiveness of self and others.

When the visible moon starts to darken, it’s a reminder to slow down, relax more and do less, now is the time to do some internal work,

Tip: journal, meditate and ask your higher self or spirit guides for help working through whatever needs healing.



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