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First Aerial & Pole Dance Showcase in Cayman Islands!

I am so happy to be part of the 1st ever Aerial & Pode Dance Show case in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

The master mind behind all this is Quinn, the owner of “Quinntessential Movement”, where I am currently teaching.

Quintessential Movement started as a pole dance studio the very first in Cayman Islands adding later aerial acrobatics, fitness, conditioning, flexibility classes and yoga. Plus different workshops happening during the weekends.

The show is a result of teachers instructions and students passion of what they have learn in the classes; followed by the dedication in their practice adding their own style and creativity to the choreographies

How everything started for me here?

When I arrive in Grand Cayman in 2015, my partner and myself came with the idea of staying only 1 year, save some money and keep travelling around the globe.

Cayman Islands are known as paradise, with its beautiful beaches and glamorous vacation resorts which are quite popular for tourists.

I have been in the entertainment industry for a while now. I don’t consider myself an expert still many more to learn but my mom once told me the first time I danced on a stage I was 5 years old.

So I came here expecting to find job with an entertainment company and I found out there were no formal entertainments company by that time.

I pull out my master degree in physical education and all my experience around it, sent some cv to different places and after 2 weeks I got a job in a very prestige hotel along with my partner who got a job in the diving industry before me. Finding a place to rent was relatively easy and we got comfortable fast. At the end of 2 years of hard work I was able to buy as a self present for my birthday my first car ever.

Time passed by and we decide to stay a longer or better to say we decide to do not set a departure date and go with the flow.

On my 3rd year in the island I couldn’t do it anymore, I have to be honest with myself even I got promoted to supervisor of the watersports activities I was not happy working in the hotel; the job was good and the income was great but it was time and soul consuming. I was not fully dedicating my time to what I always did, sharing my passion for yoga and aerial circus acrobatics.

Looking for a way to go back to the activities I enjoy, I did some online research and found there was a place where pole dance was taught.

Wow! I was so happy that I sign up right away for the classes.

There is were I met Quinn who was the instructor and the wonderful group of people who was taking classes with her.

Quinn started a community in Grand Cayman who were ready for more, not just for the physical challenge, they wanted to learn how to fly.

So she open her own studio Quinntessential Movement.

Her encouragement, together with other people I know, in Cayman Islands who started their own bussines as well; inspire me to do the same. To keep following my dreams.

What do I have to lose if offer Quinn my classes at her studio?

Nothing, and the answer was Yes!

That was enough reason for me to decide to quit to my hotel job and invest time and money to start my own bussines in Cayman Islands.

And I absolutely not regret it.

I started with my mobil bussines named Sannyasa Yoga Acroyoga & Performance Ltd.

All about yoga, acroyoga & aerial acrobatics, offering classes and performances.

I encourage you to do the same, if you have a dream do anything it takes to make it happen.

Most likely it won’t be easy at the beginning. As an entrepreneur depending only on me, I still need to work hard to make it happen but it is absolutely rewarding to be able to generate income by doing what you are passionate about.

And I think all the love and the passion is reflected in the studio, in the classes and in the students like a family

That is why I am so proud to be part of the instructors of the studio and community where we all help each others to “shine”

Here is our flyer and some of the beautiful ladies I have the honour to teach

Facebook event link

You will find me performing as The Cheshire Cat
“Butterflies” The youngest group. I teach them aerial & gymnastic at the studio.
Adults Aerial Hoops Level 2
Adults Aerial Silks
Adults Aerial Hoop Level 1.

If you are in Cayman Islands come to check it out and support us!

Hope to see you there

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