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Why is it hard to do the little things that will improve your life?

Is this resonating with you?

I will find this question in my thoughts at least once a day.

Why is it that our mind play against us and decide to stop us when we want to change or do something challenging that can be scary or uncertain?

Even if you have a strong will and you are a proactive person; let’s be honest; this will happen to you at least a couple of times in your life.

Why is it so hard to stay motivated it?

Or maybe you are one of the few lucky ones who never, ever has been through this situation; then…. you should stop reading right now.

Other wise I am here to let you know this is absolutely normal you don’t have to feel bad as long as you are aware that you have to take some action about it; if you want to grow this can not become a stabilised habit.

In the past I have tortured myself with the guilt of procrastination. For me that would be delaying the planing of a workshop I want to teach or my handstands training after so many fallings; even writing this, I have been postponing writing this blogpost for a couple of weeks, the exact reason why: I don’t have it.

We are human beings 99% of the time we know what we should be doing but if we find something else to do or just doing nothing instead, then the 5 second rule applies, meaning if we don’t make a decision with in 5 second of whatever it is we are thinking we have to be doing; most likely your brain will find all the reasons to do not do it and we will ended up one step further away from our goal

The 5 second decision rule establish you have 5 sec to move when you have an idea and take action until your brain sabotage you. Everything comes down to the decisions that we make.

We need to understand that are some things we can not control but we can choose, make a decision that is always in our control.

This is something I understood in the last couple of years, even I knew it, something in my way of thinking was delaying my actions. Now when I am having those days I look for something the motivates me, like I am showing in the photo on the top I was playing with my hula hoop and doing some stretching wile I was working in a a workshop creation, I also like going for a walk at the beach, (yeap I live close to the beach and is beautiful) or meditate in m backyard or practice my arm balances postures or sending a WhatsApp message to a dear friend who I know she will be for me as I am for her when she needs it.

But that is what helps me, you have to find what is it that helps you so what ever it is that you are postponing, whatever it is that you are procrastinating just stop doing it.

As easy as that, right? 😉

Haha, I know is not that easy believe we all have been there. See yourself as if you are in a stationary state but you will be able to get you out of it and the best way is to start with one thing at the time.

What is the one thing only you can do today that will bring you closer to your goals or desires?

For example:

  • If your goal is to lose weight , you can decide today to organise you weekly meals, look for healthy recipes and stick to it. You can check online there are tons of information but probably it will be better going to a nutritionist who would help you in a personalise way to get results.
  • If you want to bring more physical activity but your body is not quite used to, then start with something as simple as a 30min walk, 3 times per week. Go head and download some music you’d like to have accessible in your phone or in you iPod to keep you uplifted while you are in your activity. You can organise to do it with a reliable friend so you guys are accountable to each other. Or you can sign up to that class that you always wanted to do but never had the courage or the “time” to do it.
  • If you want to stop drinking, start by reducing the amount of alcohol you consume per week, make a weekly plan and stick to it. In this situation will also help to look for a reliable friend who will be accountable for you, preferably someone who doesn’t have any drinking problems. And like or not, it will helps as well to avoid the social event where drinking is involved until you feel more in control. Always go to a qualify professional help if needed (hey I am no there to judge, just want to help).
  • If you have the tendency to feel down when you are alone , then listen to motivational podcasts, or spend time get with positive minded people
  • If you are not happy at your job and with the life you are living. You are one of those who are always complaining but not actually doing anything to change your situation, then start with some online research what are the possible jobs around there that will suits you better. If you are no quite sure what is that you want to do; start by making a list of the things you enjoy doing it and what are the possibilities on make any of the ideas in the list a profitable way to produce income.
  • If you are like me and you are looking for ways how to get more freedom in your life then you can do some kind of online bussines. Then you are a lucky one now a days there are so many options.

The idea of going economically indepent and have a financial freedom that allows me to work form any part in the world has been in my desires since I am a teenage, along with other stuff as well, of course. But the idea of travelling and making some income at the same time has been absolutely attractive to me.

I always wondered how other people do it because I knew it was a way.

So almost one year ago in one of my researches I discover Nate & Hanna from WireCreative, I was lucky enough to see one of their paid advertise on Facebook and I signed up to one of their free webinars were they explain how they afforded to live travelling for almost 3 years.

After listening carefully to what they share and taking notes I said to myself this is it, I can do this and to be able to do and I have to make a drastic change in my life

“Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results

-Albert Eistein-

So I bough their Get Wired Branding Course and that was a huge help to start with.

Now I am an ambassador of the brand and if you down know where to start; I am here sharing a $100 code using this link . Even if don’t know have the intention to buy it right now take a moment to check it out

They have a super supportive facebook group and they do Q&A twice a month to follow up with any doubts or concerns that might show up.

If it happen that you cross path with one of their advertising in the social medias about lunching a webinar, please sign up! It wont cost you anything and you might open your mind to new possibilities.

There are so many ways to be an enterpenaur.

I was watching this Netflix documentary called: “Street Food” and they show all the time how people make it work going through pretty hard time in their life, with no formal education by saying this I don’t mean to offend anyone I just want to make it clear, if you have the right mindset, when you want to achieve something you will make it happen even if don’t have any resources at the time, you will find the way

Keeping the honesty, when you start any type of bussines on your own be aware:

Is it going to b easy?

Hell no,

Is it going to be scary?

Dam Yeah.

Will it worth it?


Embrace your struggles, learn from it and focus your energy in being grateful for all the good things and supported people you have around you .

Start by taking ownership of your situation, of your problems, of your action, be responsible and work in getting solutions.

Like it or not, discipline I the key to success; even if you don’t see the result immediately, with discipline in your actions you will see results in the long run.

Here is a a link to a Productivity Planner Resource , also form Wire Creative. It helped me to get more organise and it might help you.


“What can you do TODAY the will bring you closer to achieve your goals?”



*Disclaimer: This post includes an affiliate link to the course. This is at no extra cost to you. I will receive a small commission of the sale if you decide to purchase the course. I do not endorse anything I have not read or used myself.

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