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May’s Flower Full Moon, What is it about?

According to the farmers almanac May’s full moon is in May 18th and known as the Full Flower Moon.
This is because in the norther hemisphere, May is notable for being the turning point in the year where temperatures rise and a vast variety of flowers come into full bloom, letting the world break out into a riot of color.

Some Native American tribes named May’s full moon as “The Corn Planting Moon”, considering this as the perfect time for them to start preparing the fields for farming and sowing the seeds saved up from last year; apart from corn, other foods such as beans, squash, and potatoes are planted during this time.

Bloom is everywhere.

Energetic wise, there is a heavy energy around this Full Moon that will be drawing us in and asking us to be honest listening to the depths of our heart and soul.
We are going to have to be gentle and patient with ourselves, and allow the magic of the Moon to do its work.

Every full moon it has the purpose to do some cleaning and make space to welcome all the new, positive things/ toughts/ intentions/ projects we would like to receive and focus on the new moon.

Take a moment and ask yourself ;

  • What is stoping you from reaching joy and happiness?
  • What is not letting you grow?

If you would like to know more about the Chandra Namaskar sequence and its meaning, here I am leaving you a LINK to read more about it in past a blog post

If you are currently living or travelling in Cayman Islands I would like  to invite you to the monthly Moon Salutation practice also known as Chandra Namaskar.

This is Yoga class by donation I  host every moth to fundraise Cayman’s Act of Random Kindness; a non-profit organisation endeavours to be a friend to people in unique circumstances of crisis; to demonstrate kindness through loving act’s of service. 

“ARK is a friend to strangers and approaches humanity with great love and compassion -without judgment. ‘Paying it forward’ results in the nurturing and inspiration of the human spirit, changing lives one life at a time. As a chain reaction the ripple of kindness is unending”

Link to the event on facebook

Join in us with the slow meditative flow of Chandra Namaskar, followed by a release ritual.

  • Friday May 17th, 2019.
  • From 6:15pm to 7:15pm

All levels welcome: this is not a powerful physical practice

We will meet at Smith Cove Beach, Grand Cayman. Cayman Islands. 

Please bring:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable clothing 
  • Blanket or scarf to cover yourself during the meditation
  • Pen & paper to perform a release ritual (not mandatory)
  • Mosquito Spray might be needed

Donations $ will be welcome to fundraise Caymans ARK – Acts of Random Kindness

If you can help us by spreading  the word and sharing this event will be mostly appreciated it.

Hope to see you there

with Gratitude


P/S= If you know of any other available studio/ space where I can host this kind of classes please send me a email.
I would love to know!

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