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June 2020- Online Classes

Class Description:

  • Yoga in Spanish :

This yoga class is taught in Spanish.
Ideal if you are a native Spanish speaking person or you would like to practice your Spanish while doing yoga.
Please notified you, instructor, if you have any injuries.

Esta clase de yoga se enseña en Español a donación, (mínimo 10usd)
Practicamos diferentes estilos de yoga, incluyendo Hatha, Vinyasa y Restorativo.  Principiantes en la practica son bienvenidos.

  • Hatha Flexibility Yoga Class: 

This is a gentle flow, we start the practice with a nice warm-up. Staying longer in the postures giving our body time to adjust to the pose and improve our flexibility and mobility. Ideal for when you feel tired but you know you will feel amazing after your yoga session


  • 30min Vinyasa 30 min Restorative Flow :

This is class-based on postures to build overall strength and resistance, sometimes we will sweat but don’t worry it will be a nice reward for your efforts, ending the class with yummy restorative postures and breathing techniques

  • Free Yoga tutorial for Acrobats:

This is a free yoga tutorial I share inside of the private Facebook group Yoga for every Acrobat. An online community for aerial acrobats, pole dancers, or anyone who is curious about how to improve flexibility mobility and strength with yoga.

Special Class | Workshop

  • Headstand Club:

During these classes, we will have fun while learning how to get into your headstand and feel comfortable on your balance upside-down. Specific conditioning & flexibility exercise are included. Beginners are welcome

  • Straddles & Splits | Online Workshop:

During this workshop, we will focus on the flexibility and strength needed, going over exercises and stretches to improve your square split and your straddle split Whether you’re just starting your flexibility journey, or you’ve been at it for a while, you will walk away from this workshop knowing how to improve those splits and what to work on to keep seeing progress!

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