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Manifesting Your Goals

Are you a daydreamer?

Do you tend to think about all the wonderful things you will do and almost never make them a reality?

Sometimes I am like that as well,🙈

And when that happens I try to stop and look for all the little steps I can take to make it happen.

This can be overwhelming

When something becomes overwhelming the best we can do is to think Who can you ask for help? or What is the 1st step you can take?

Try to break down how are you going to make things happen.

One thing I choose to do as well is following the Lunar Abundance Practice 

I have learned that each moon face brings different energies and whiting those energies we can plan when is the best moment to act or to rest.

Following the moon faces y like to journal and write down how am I feeling, energetic, with a lot of ideas or just tired and completely blocked.

with time, I have learned to respect that.

To take time to rest intend of burning out and forcing myself to do something

New Moon energy is all about setting new intentions, is the time to take action.

For example

If you want to add more physical activity to your life, this is the moment to take action and think about how you can make it happen, who are you going to ask for help or advice.

Do you know about manifestation rituals?

This is something I have incorporated together with the releasing rituals ( full moon)

Manifestation rituals are about creating time and space to manifest

nothing to do with witchcraft.

🌑 July 9th, 2021, is the New Moon

Time to Manifest The New

What does it mean?

The new moon brings the yin energy
Time to take action.

Give yourself time to dream and ask yourself:

What intentions/goals should I set?

Setting intentions in the luna abundance practice involves moving beyond the head into the physical sensations.


Let me tell you how we will do it

1st, We will practice a Yoga flow (asanas) to release the physical tensions and set our minds

2nd, we’ll practise pranayama ( breathing technique) to connect with our prana “lifeforce” “energy’

3rd we will meditate and follow a simple but efficient manifestation ritual

This will help help you set your intentions and guide you through the septs you should take to manifest.
This will happen on:

  • July 9th, 2021
  • 12 pm -EST
  • Online on Zoom
  • Cost $15

✨ $5 Discount to the ones who did the Full Moon Release Ritual 😉

You can keep your videocamera on or off during the session

You can attend the live class or get the replay

When you pay for this session, it will be yours to practice any time and every New Moon 🌑

Payments can be done on PayPal or online transfer.

Contact me for the link and Let me know if you have any questions




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