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I am Renée

Originally from the beautiful Argentina.

I have been travelling, working and discovering the world since 2011.

Let me tell you a little bit about me.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education, I am a Yoga Instructor certified by the International Yoga Alliance, an Acroyoga Practitioner, an Aerialist and a Fire dancer.

I enjoy teaching & performing.

I am passionate about physical activity, the kind that helps you to feel good and overcome from fears, to depression, to anxiety and low self-esteem

That is why I love helping others to discover their own passion, find happiness and maybe follow the path of yoga and acrobatics as me!

For a long time, I have dreamt of starting my own business and that dream is now coming true. Together with my great friend, Karen, (she doesn’t like the spotlight, so I will respect her privacy) we have started Sannyasa;a space of spiritual development, where-which individuals can work toward by letting go of unnecessary possessions and minimising clutter.

We both decided to leave our “comfort zone” and we quit our stable jobs to offer our help to those looking for a better connection with the self and the rest of the world. We look forward to building a community of like minded people.

 I am here to teach you and share with you the joy of yoga and acrobatics.

I offer group and private classes as well as workshops and performances for events in case you want to celebrate something with aerial acrobatics fire or glow dancing.